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For farmers and small livestock breeders


Hasfin » Farmers and Small Livestock Breeders

Deferred Payment in Seed, Feed and Fertilizer

Hasfin serves the development of agriculture and animal husbandry in Turkey by providing free agricultural consultancy to the farmers and small livestock breeders, with the opportunity to purchase the inputs they need with reasonable prices and terms.

The advantages of pay-at-harvest sales are:

işbirliği ikonu

Buy Instantly

You can buy the quality and affordable seed, feed and fertilizer you need from Hasfin Sales Points right away.

No additional costs or fees, no guarantors or paperwork. 

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Pay at Harvest

Make the payment for the input you purchased with the income you will get at the time of harvest or when you sell your products.

Even if you don't have cash when you need fertilizer and seed for your field or feed for your animals, you can buy your input at Hasfin Sales Points and make the payment at the harvest or sale.

teknoloji ikonu

Use Technology

With the technological support we offer to farmers and small livestock breeders working with Hasfin, we enable you to choose the right inputs, taking into account the soil characteristics of your field, the product you will grow or the type of animal you will raise.

We provide technology-based consultancy and support complimentarily that will increase productivity to farmers and small livestock breeders working with Hasfin.

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Increase Income

With the ease of payment terms and technology-based agricultural consultancy provided by Hasfin, you can increase both productivity and income by using

√ the right product
√ at the right time

√ i
n the right place
√ in the 
right amount

Hasfin - HST tarım video

Production and productivity in agriculture and livestock depend on many different variables from seed to fertilizer, soil properties to other agricultural inputs, animal breeds to feed used, storage and transportation of post-harvest products to technology and agro-mechanical tools.

Click on the picture to learn the Principle of 4-Rights for production and efficiency.

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From Seed Season To Harvest
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