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In Agriculture and Livestock


Hasfin » Accurate and Efficient Agriculture & Livestock Practices

Production and productivity in agriculture and livestock depend on many different variables from seed to fertilizer, soil properties to other agricultural inputs, animal breeds to feed used, storage and transportation of post-harvest products to technology and agro-mechanical tools.

In order to increase agricultural productivity, the correct use of inputs is as important as using sufficient and high-quality inputs. For example, excessive use of fertilizers in agriculture will bring more harm than good. The basic principle in the use of fertilizer is to correctly determine the plant nutrient needed and to use it at the right rate, at the right time and in the right place. This is called the 4-Rights Principle in Agriculture.


When you apply this principle, the plants you grow become more resistant to diseases and pests. Their resistance to extreme cold and drought increases. While the quality of your products increases, their storage and shelf life are extended. You, on the other hand, both obtain profitable products and leave a clean environment for future generations.


Hasfin enables farmers and small breeders


Pamuk Tarlası

By giving them access to seed, feed and fertilizer


  • easily and quickly


  • whenever they need  


  • with ease of payment.



By supporting


  • the internationally accepted "4-Right Principle in Agriculture" in product use


  • with the agricultural and technological consultancy it provides cost-free.

Karahindiba Tarlası

By providing


  • the necessary analysis and observation methods in the production process


enabling them to benefit from all the possibilities of technology.

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