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Without risk, with the assurance of Hasfin


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Cash Sales for you

If you are working with Hasfin, you make cash sales and eliminate your commercial risks such as delay in or inability to collect collections. Your customers know that they can get the amount of seed, feed and fertilizer they need from you whenever they need it, and customer loyalty increases.

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Sell Cash

You sell the products in your stock in exchange for cash. Your own cash flow is relieved and your purchasing power increases.


Earn Loyalty

Knowing that with the support of Hasfin, they can buy the seed, fertilizer and feed they need from the Hasfin Sales Point when they need it, farmers and small producers engaged in livestock activities will come to the same Sales Point, namely you, for all their needs.


Risk-Free Trading

Hasfin Retailer remove the problems such as late collection or non-collection of the receivables from their commercial life after the seed, fertilizer and feed sales they make.


Increase Your Sales Volume

The farmer, who buys from Hasfin Dealer, becomes able to purchase more materials thanks to the ease of payment. As the purchasing power of the farmers increases, so does your sales volume.

If you are a point of sale or reseller of
agricultural materials such as seeds, feed, fertilizer,

you are in the right place.

You can fill out the application form to become a Hasfin Sales Point and joini our sales network.

To get information, you can call us or request information by filling out the contact form.


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