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In Hasfin, we believe that small producers dealing with agriculture and livestock activities are the future of our country and think that their needs are among the vital issues of our country.

By using the risk scoring model we have developed, we ensure that Turkish farmers and small producers dealing with livestock activities have access to all agricultural and livestock inputs such as seed, feed and fertilizer at affordable prices at harvest and with payment opportunities after animal or product sales.

Our farmers and small breeders can reach the input they want at maturities to be determined according to their requirements, animal or product sales schedules, and without any guarantor or collateral. Moreover, they can make their applications quickly through our sales points and retailers in almost every region of Turkey.

For the purpose of adding value and increasing productivity in agriculture, Hasfin provides agricultural and animal husbandry consultancy, fertilizer and seed recommendations based on soil analysis to the farmers and small breeders who purchase the agricultural and livestock inputs that they need with their special payment plans. We aim to make a difference by offering cost-free services such as development and harvest follow-up of agricultural products, through feed recommendations, satellite images, meteorological data and data analysis from precipitation radars.

In parallel with all this, we integrate technological solutions into agriculture, which many manufacturers do not know or think are too expensive. We teach these technological solutions to our farmers, share them with dealers and make them widespread.

Hasfin strives to continuously and tirelessly add value to the agriculture and livestock industries and to be on the side of farmers and small producers dealing with livestock activities from seed season to harvest.

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İnekler ve hayvancılık faaliyeti ile uğraşan küçük üretici
From Seed Season To Harvest
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