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HST Tarım Continues Support | 18.02.2022

News from Hakimiyet Gazetesi

HST Tarım A.Ş., under the brand name of 'Hasfin', supplies our farmers with deferred fertilizers, feed, seeds, irrigation systems and agricultural equipment at the time of shopping, based on the technology it has developed based on machine learning.

Hasfin will continue its efforts to create added value for our farmers, to increase their productivity and earnings in every sense, by taking care to support women in agriculture. To ensure productivity and profitability in both agricultural activities and animal husbandry, our producers need to leave their existing and traditional production habits and reach productivity by using the right amount and right inputs by using appropriate methods and technologies. Hasfin aims to support its farmers in these matters as well. Hasfin started its activities in the Thrace region in October 2021 and quickly established the Southern Marmara, Aegean and Central Anatolia teams.

In the coming periods, the Western Black Sea, Western and Eastern Mediterranean regions will start operating. As Hasfin, we continue to serve our farmers by growing with more than 100 sales channels and our expert staff, leading investors and strong financing structure.


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